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Garage Door Spring Repairs Jacksonville

Garage Door Spring Repairs Jacksonville

Garage doors are some of the most important components in a home. This is because they provide security for the entire home. Most garages are connected to the home and used as the primary access to the home. Most homeowners today use the garage door as the front door and having a non function garage door can cause a great inconvenience. It also makes things very difficult getting a vehicle in and out of the garage. Some of the most important components of a garage door are the springs. The main reason behind this is that the springs are the major component used to lift and lower the door. Therefore, when the springs are not functioning properly it means that the entire door will not be functional. If you are not able to get your car in or out of the garage then call us today. We offer 24 Hour Emergency Spring Replacement Services.


Because of the importance of the garage door springs it is important to ensure the springs are repaired by a professional who knows how to do garage door spring repairs. The springs can easily snap if they are not handled properly. If they snap they can cause damages to the walls of the garage or on the vehicles in the garage. The springs can also hit some one or even a pet. This means that it’s a risk for an ordinary person to try and repair the garage door springs. But a professional will know exactly how to handle the springs and make sure they do not snap.


Besides knowing how to safely handle the garage door springs while repairing them, a professional will also have the right tools. Some of the tools used in garage door spring repairs are sophisticated and they can only be used by a person who knows how to use them properly. Other tools are costly and most home owners do not buy them to just fix the springs several times. But a professional will be having all the right that will be needed to repair the springs. A professional will also know how to handle even the modern and sophisticated tools which are technologically oriented.


Another factor that makes it important to hire a professional to repair garage door springs is that a professional will be able to provide additional services. These include noticing other problems that the door might have. By noticing such problems the professional will be able to fix them and therefore ensure that the door will not break down again easily. The professional will also provide advice on how to maintain the door properly after it has been fixed. This is helpful because improper use is amongst the main reasons that cause damages on garage doors.


We are competent professionals and we shall be able to repair your garage door springs within the shortest time possible. This is important because the springs can cause an emergency if one is not able to access the garage or to get out of the garage. We have reliable contact details which people can call at all times when they need emergency services. We also have reliable modes of transport which can get to the locations of the clients fast. Furthermore, we carry all the things we will need for the repairs including spare parts. This is paramount because it ensures the repairs are done on one go without having to go back for other tools.


All our technicians are highly trained and they have all the skills needed. This is important because we are able to provide high quality services to all our clients. Our tools are also of the best quality where we use modern tools which are well known for being more efficient. Furthermore, we provide professional advice to all our clients with an objective of letting them know how to maintain their garage doors. These include how to ensure the torsion springs and the extension springs remain in good condition. We advice the clients on the parts that needs to be replaced after remaining on the doors for a certain period.


Our pricing is very fair where we charge the most reasonable prices. Our prices for residential homes range from $179-$199 for replacing extension springs and $229-$279 for replacing torsion springs. All these prices include labor and it is not a fixed quote for other things might be involved. To ensure we provide optimum value to our customers we provide discounts where you can call us today for free quotes. You can easily look at out Facebook reviews and then go on to call us today. Our motto is “We install the best & replace the rest” and this clearly shows how determined we are when it comes to doing the best garage door spring repairs.

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A garage doors’ torsion springs are a vital part of most family’s everyday life. Most homes in America use the garage door in place of the front door. The average homeowner uses their garage door 2-4 times a day. A lot more in some cases where kids are present and they may use the door that many times themselves as well as the adults coming and going to work, as well as trips to the supermarket or out to leisure. The torsion spring is what actually opens your garage door every time you press the remote or wall button. The price to install torsion springs vary on size and weight of the door but we charge between $229-$279 to replace both springs and this comes with a 25pt safety inspection and lubrication of all moving parts.


Torque Master Conversions have become more and more popular the last few years because the brand that makes them has stopped producing or mass producing these one of a kind torsion springs and there replacement parts have become too hard to find. Wayne Dalton first manufactured these garage doors with their very own type of torsion tube and torsion springs. It was a good idea at the time because you could add tension to the torsion springs with a drill and the installation of the bar and the springs were done simultaneously. The price to replace this system to the traditional torsion system is $379-$429 depending on the size and weight of your garage door. This also comes with a 25pt safety inspection and lubrication of all moving parts

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